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Are you an absolute plant lover? Are you sometimes called #plantparent? Or do you just love to transform your space into a jungle? Then you've come to the right place at Pleasant & Unique Plants (PUP) 

PUP is a young company made up of enthusiastic employees who are bitten by the green bug. Enjoying nature is our main focus; and what is better than bringing nature into your home?  

With PUP, we mainly want to introduce our customers to different types of plants. Looking for a popular Monstera? Or rather a fan of a unique tropical specimen? You name it.  

Score these Pleasant & Unique Plants in our extensive webshop. Our team is ready to show the best of themselves in packaging. Can't wait to give our plants a beautiful home? Then don't hesitate to order online

Looking for a firm, plant-rich interior? Contact us. Our plant stylist is excited to take you into the wonderful world of green design. From home to workplace or event, she draws up the visually supported 'green plan' with a beautiful selection of unique plants and accompanying styling elements. 

Would you like to meet us in person? Participate in our plantastic events. At each of these moments we like to share our enthusiasm for plants with you. Take a look at the agenda and register via the form. See you soon! 


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More news coming soon

The new agenda will be online from mid-May with numerous PLANTASTIC events.

The pop-ups as usual are replaced by intimate and very focused moments where we can speak and see each other properly. More time to admire plants.

Speak soon!




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