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A little jungle at home

More green?


Are you an absolute plant lover? Are you sometimes called #plantparent? Or do you just love to transform your space into a jungle? Then you've come to the right place at Pleasant & Unique Plants (PUP) 

PUP is a young company made up of enthusiastic employees who are bitten by the green bug. Enjoying nature is our main focus; and what is better than bringing nature into your home?  

With PUP, we mainly want to introduce our customers to different types of plants. Looking for a popular Monstera? Or rather a fan of a unique tropical specimen? You name it.  

Score these Pleasant & Unique Plants during one of our pop-ups. Our team travels through Flanders and Brussels and sets up shop several times a year in different cities.  

Can't wait to give our plants a nice home? Then don't hesitate to order online!


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