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About me

Roxanne Naessens

Hi ! I'm Roxanne.

I love plants - trees - flowers. Flora is my thing. Grew up in a greenhouse among potted roses and begonias, poinsettias and dipladenias, coleus, kangaroo paws - too many to mention. In short: everything that likes to grow in a bright greenhouse. 

I started my pop-up concept PUP. Met thousands of people. Getting to know ten thousand species of plants. I loved it. Every second was a year of life worth of wisdom. Continuous flow. On the other hand, too much to carry alone. So I had to make choices. And I continue - with the essence of the matter: sharing my love for plants. Smaller-scale, more direct, perhaps even a little more creative than before. I did not want to jeopardize my good relationships with Belgian growers, which is why their trees, plants and flowers are certainly still in the supply. 

What else is there to know? I love my husband, my baby, my overly large dog, my friends, my dad, my mom, my sister and my brothers, my house in Brussels and my tree in it. Coffee and mango - always. 

Making an impact. That's on my to do this year. 

Imagine: everyone has a green roof, a climbing plant on the facade, a water barrel on the terrace and a few flowers in the courtyard + 1 shade tree. That already makes a world of difference. 

My dad calls me 'a dreamer'. I always agree with him. He is also right when I say I just do it. 

Only one way. Are you in? 

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What I often hear...

We're going to have to do something about it, Roxanne! Use your magic, girl!


We must change the way our pavements are organised today. It's getting way too hot to just walk home. Feeling sorry for my dog's paws.  

It has to change! 

You must be a happy woman, right? Every day with your hands in the soil surrounded by beautiful flowers. I must admit, I enjoy my plants a lot. That's my kind of relaxation!

Yes, that changes immediately with some greenery!

We should have done that from the beginning. We could have had so much fun with it already.

Woman Working in Garden

Talk about your green experiences with me

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